Thursday, November 29, 2012

thankvember: days 13-29, catching up.

So I promised a friend that I'd continue this whole thankvember thing, and I figured that since there's one day left of November, I should probably do that tonight.

lets start from where I left off, shall we?
(this is where I had to pause and open a new tab to see exactly where I left off because it has been so long I don't even remember.)

day 13: I'm thankful for opportunity. I've had my fair share of opportunity so far in my life, and although I haven't seized all of it, I'm extremely grateful for the times that I have.

day 14: I'm grateful that it hasn't snowed and stayed yet. As much as I enjoy the world covered in white, I do not appreciate having to wear wet appropriate shoes and jackets. Also, I broke my umbrella in Austria, so the longer I can go without my laziness in not buying a new one bitting me in the butt, the better.

day 15: I'm thankful for chapstick, mostly because I need some really bad right now. I'm also thankful for lotion and conditioner and all those other amenities that are the icing on the cake. Not necessary but definitely worth having.

day 16: I am grateful for technology. I got a new phone on this day aaand it basically made me realize just how out of date my current "smart" phone was. Yay for being a new iPhone owner!

day 17: I am grateful for my health, which isn't really saying much coming from the girl who should take three pills every day. I got to visit Ben's Nephew (totally just forgot how to spell nephew... that was intense) at Primary Children's Hospital, where he has spend every day since birth and it just has me thinking how lucky I am, even in my not perfect state of health.

day 18: I am grateful for Ben, for the 18th is his Birthday! So, thank you Ben, for not only being a great example to me, or for being a great friend or boyfriend, but for making me want to be a better person in pretty much every aspect of my life. (aw, tender... i know)

day 19: I am thankful for quality people. We had a dry run for Black Friday at work and nearly everyone I work with is a quality person. And that's really refreshing to be able to say.

day 20: I am thankful for my family. Me, Katrina, and Black Aubs drove home to St.George this day and it was just really good being home and surrounded by people who aren't afraid to invade my personal bubble and laugh until we get yelled at because "it's 1 AM and people are trying to sleep!"

day 21: I am thankful for my dog, Sadie. When I got home I made sure to go outside and give her a quality hello and she was so excited she legit could not hold still. Having someone love you that intensely, that unconditionally is something I think everyone needs in their life.

day 22: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am thankful for tradition. I love holidays and the family traditions they bring with them. and food. I'm grateful for the food that tradition brings as well.

day 23: I am thankful for sleep. I worked 11 hours straight, from midnight to 11 AM on Black Friday and let me tell you, I am grateful for normal working hours and a mediocre bed to sleep on at night. (oops, I think I was already grateful for my mediocre bed...)

day 24:  I am thankful for the Houskeeper sisters. I feel like I have and will talk anyone's ear off if they get me started on the topic of just how awesome the girls I live with are. K-train is probably one of the most solid people I know, she's beyond dependable, selfless, and extremely motivated. I frequently wish I had half her drive because I know that would guarantee me success in life. Aubrey is probably the worlds best kept secret. I frequently vocalize just how lucky I am to be one of the twenty people she's willing to talk to because that girl says some of the funniest most honest things I've ever heard. These two have saved me countless times and I seriously owe them so much.

day 25: I am thankful for Rakel. I got to Skype with her for a few hours and it was exactly like these 4 1/2 months hadn't passed, like I was still there in Austria. I'm so grateful for lasting friendships and people who genuinely care about me. I consider myself lucky for having met someone I so thoroughly connect with, so effortlessly on so many levels. (she's the only who inspired/told me to continue this list, so everyone can thank [or blame] Rakel)

day 26: I'm thankful for cherry chocolate kisses. They're seasonal and a little hard to find and oh, so good. I bought a bag aaaand it barely lasted two days.

day 27: I am thankful the semester is almost over. Today was my second to last 7:30 AM class of the semester and hopefully ever. As much as I have enjoyed this semester and I really do feel like I've grown, I can't wait to never have to get up that early for a class again. (even though being constantly sleep deprived every Tuesday has lead to some very interesting and entertaining Tuesday nights.)

day 28: I'm thankful for unexpected school friends. I swear everyone in all my classes are way more friendly than I ever thought art majors would be (which I guess doesn't really say much for me as a person)

day 29: I'm thankful for Facetime! I finally got to try it out when me and Jesse Facetimed so he could show me that he was learning one of my favorite songs ever on the guitar. So. Good.

That started getting cheesy at the end there, which is definitely a sign I need to stop before I end up going full blown cheese and saying I love you guys or something.

Thank you, Rakel for forcing me to finish this. This is exactly what I needed tonight.

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Mom said...

Oh, and you are thankful for the best mom ever? We are thankful for you...the best daughter ever!