Wednesday, June 15, 2011

good intentions but false information.

remember when i told you all i was going to be a blogger? and you guys got all gullible and believed me so i tried to revamp this page; i spent more time creating a banner than i spent writing and started posting ramblings about stuff that i thought was all sorts of insightful and that mattered to me but as you started to read it you found yourself thinking,  "this makes nearly zero sense" and "i can't really relate" or my favorite "i wonder how her shift key broke" (for clarification, my shift key didn't break. that is the extent of just how lazy i am. apparently i refuse to hold down one more key than is required to get my message across. winner, winner.) yeah that little charade barely lasted for a little over a month.
and i'm not even sorry.

i am, however, feeling bored again. summer is well on it's way and all i've done is take a few more pictures and ride my bike up the same hill at least three times a week. i feel like adding convoluted, half formed thoughts would really help me feel more rounded as a person.
decision made: let the ramblings... ramble on.

here's a picture of edgar allan bro to tie you over until my next sophisticated and well thought out case of word vomit.
you're welcome.