this girl.

So, this is going to be pretty standard. Hello, I’m Maria. I’m a newly, happily married twenty five year old. I have a strange obsession with glasses and I've let myself be swept away with a love for photography. I'm a very content person, and I have a nicely woven bubble around my world which I'm anxious and terrified to shatter. I read a lot, too much in fact, and sometimes I want to turn that love into a writing career (which probably won't happen... that's where you come in, dear blog of mine). I've recently graduated with a BFA in graphic design from USU, and I loved every minute of it.  I have a tendency to stay up until ridiculous hours, and wake up with half the day gone.  I feel like I’ve missed the boat for some amazing opportunities in my life, however I’m ready to go out there and see if I can’t make some more.