Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things I am Unhappy About Being Bombarded By (Social Media Edition)

Over the past year or so I've become completely disenchanted with Facebook. Like, completely. I remember right after high school I could spend an embarrassing amount of hours on good old FB. It was basically an entirely different site back then. People used to post quality things like actual pictures of them having actual fun (this was before the popularization and normalization of the "selfie"), witty and original status updates, and exciting life accomplishments. Now, it's basically the opposite.

I've actually done something like this once before as a note on my Facebook page. But I feel like my complaints are all shiny and brand new so I, instead of cleaning my apartment tonight, I'm going to word vomit all my disgruntled feelings as a former satisfied Facebook user. Lets begin.

Things I am unhappy about being bombarded by:
Ill researched yet extremely strong biased opinions. This unfortunately includes but is not limited to; religious articles and quotes, news articles about the degenerate state of the world these days, and other malicious "us vs them" arguments. No one has ever changed a heart or a mind via internet argument. I do not think that is going to change today. All your doing is wasting time, energy, and creating enemies.

Shoddy quizzes from Buzzfeed (or anywhere really). Bad news, I don't really care about what type of dessert my "friend" would be at a vegan restaurant, or what song you would have been in the 90's. Actually no one cares. Only you. I feel like, as always, there are exceptions to this rule, like posting a result to a specific person's page because it has relevance in your friendship. Blah, blah that's fine.

Blatant plagiarization of another person's wit. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but if you're consistently posting funny content you find on the web as your own, without giving credit where credit is due, that is technically plagiarizing. And that makes me think less of you. Being a curator of humorous and joyful things is actually kind of hard. Many companies pay a lot of money to individuals who are able to collect things that the masses find funny. If you have that skill, own it. Just make sure you cite it.

Private matters (especially those surrounding children). Now, I'm a notoriously nosey person, ask anyone who has to deal with me on a personal level. But please, for everyone's sake, please stop posting about breast pumps, poopy diapers, and all other variations of real life bummers that include bodily fluids slash anything else you wouldn't feel comfortable explaining to the stranger next to you on the street. Just because you can't see the disgusted looks your post is receiving does not mean they're not there. To be clear, I am not a baby hater. In fact my field research on this topic shows that if you enjoy cute posts about non-poopy babies, you should give Instagram a try. Even if life isn't all glamorous and smiley babies, Instagram will make you think it is. And as your social media friend who doesn't have children, I can find peace in that.

Gratuitous amounts of unsolicited posts, events, and pages about this month's flavor of a thinly veiled pyramid scheme. I'm so happy that you've made money/lost weight/found your life's purpose, and I expect to hear a thing or two about it just by being in proximity to you. But I am a different person for whom that particular program wouldn't produce the same result, so please stop sending me personalized messages about it.

Inspirational quotes (usually from pinterest). This one is definitely more of a gray area for me for I do appreciate the written word, when written pithy and well, as much as the next person. And we all know I have a soft spot for good typography. However, that cliche, kitch post you pulled directly off of Pinterest's popular page doesn't need to be on facebook. We've already lamented the fact that we had to read it fifteen times on that site as each friend repinned it. It does not need to be shown to me again. Real talk: If you are feeling the compulsion to rapid fire self-help quotes to Facebook I think it's time to shut the laptop and get some certified help. There's no shame in that. I think your Facebook friends would much rather cheer for you and read your own heartfelt words than another "single girl power" or Marilyn Monroe quote.

Sponsored posts. Oh my gosh, the sponsored posts. This is what has made Facebook nearly unbearable. However, this is a problem that can only be fixed on a corporate level and is no fault of ours, dear Facebook friend. No wrongs will be righted by us on this front.

Alright, so secret time; I'm actually rooting for facebook's demise. I feel like the level of toxicity on this site is out of control and beyond help. They've done legit studies on this, with hypotheses, scientists, control groups and everything and they've discovered that the amount of time you're spending on Facebook is directly related to how depressed you are in real life. REAL LIFE! This site is no longer a conducive way for friends and family to stay in touch, but instead it's become a shoving match of biases, endless bragging, and the most pathetic pity parties.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Night owl for life!

So it's 10:30 and Ben has already been asleep for an hour and a half, which I think warrants a little life update of sorts. This past week has been like a reawakening of sorts for me. I feel like I've finally reached a state of balance, personally, creatively, and professionally, after nearly nine months of being in completely new territory and doing my best to keep my head above the water. It's like I've rediscovered routine again, and that's such a relief.

The first sign that I thought this might be happening was the other night I couldn't sleep. I had just put my laptop away after spending 2 or more hours just feeling super stoked about everything; redesigning my blog, researching calligraphy, and setting up some other quite inspirational things. (more on that sometime later) I tried to fall asleep and I just couldn't. I had so much motivation and inspiration going on in my brain, I literally felt like I couldn't fail. This is how I used to feel nearly nightly; inspiration would hit at like ten and going to bed before 2 am was out of the question because I'd be too busy making to-do lists and making new goals.

Now, I don't really think I should be excited to be back here in the night owls for life club, especially with Ben going attempting to go to bed at 9 nowadays like the grandpa he wishes he was.  But I can't help feel like this is a victory. When I first moved to this apartment in May I've been going to bed rather early, for me at least, at like 10 or midnight at the latest. I felt stressed and spent most day; just ready to give in to sleep which I had never previously felt that early in the night before. I feel like my normal desires to create, write, and explore had completely disappeared because I was busy growing into my new self, as a wife and a college graduate. The fact that I'm now, not only comfortable and succeeding in the adult world, but also finding my old creative habits tugging at me, is such a great sign of a healthy balance.

And at first I didn't think that this little epiphany was enough to write about but then I realized I wanted to remember that this happened. Recognizing this change in me feels like harmony returning and that's enough of a reason to write about it to me.

(ALSO! my birthday weekend just happened and it was pretty much the best. I'll probs write about that in a few days. so, keep an eye out for that.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ice Bucket Optional.

Now I'm all for donating to charity and having my money be used to help save hundreds of lives and spare the suffering of hundreds more. However, I'm not so in favor of being coerced into doing it via social media. Yes, you guessed it. I'm talking about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

In all honesty, whomever came up with this challenge is very clever. First, everyone actually wants to do it because they were "tagged." This must mean they have friends, or at least one "friend" who could only think of two other people. By having their mom/child video them on the back lawn/bath tub with a bucket of cold, icy water they are showing that their sense of personal charity does not discriminate between fun facebook tags and slightly inconvenient ones. No, they are willing to suffer for a good cause regardless of it's temperature.

And the icing on the cake is, because this is for a good cause it's socially unacceptable to complain about it, shirk it, or commit any other act of avoidance. Not to mention that if you find yourself so easily swayed by facebook-land and it's "rules", you would be bound by the ice bucket gods to pay ten times the amount if you commit the treasonous act of not dumping the entirety of your freezer's ice on your head/lawn/bath tub.

Once you have finally done the deed, you get to extract your revenge upon nominate three more people and spread the goodness infinitely. So in the end the damp coldness of your head and shirt is overshadowed by the warmth in your heart because you really, truly made a difference today.

This whole escapade is flawless, I mean... so long as peer pressure is your weakness and you have one of those magical freezers that will supply you with endless amounts of ice. That is, unless you realize the ice bucket gods don't exist and that you're allowed to donate to any charity you'd like without announcing it on social media. Ice bucket optional.

And yes, this does mean I'm (trying to be) baaaaaaaaack.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

falling off the internet. (an almost update)

remember when i used to (pretend) to write in here at least semi regularly?
yeah, me neither. i have actually attempted to update this twice since january, one of which was an extensive list of resolutions i wanted to make for this year, but lets be honest, just attempting to go to bed before 2 AM is enough of a challenge for me. maybe someday i'll go back to those drafts and share them with you.

(actually, i just went back and looked at the other one and this is all it said:

"i suppose it's a good thing i no longer feel the need to write in here anymore. almost as though all of my troubling thoughts that once demanded to be felt have all been given the proper attention and now live retired and happy at a-once-angry-feelings-home.
sometimes it's kinda nice growing up."

seems as though this isn't the first time i've tried to explain my absence to you guys. and that makes me smile.)

lately i feel as though i've fallen off the face of the internet (as far as posting on social media goes) and it's got me thinking why that is. it's kinda funny how once you become content with life, you start realizing what you were mistakenly using to fill in those wanting gaps. (seriously though, the internet has become half the part of my life that it used to be. and for those of you who know me, that's huge.) even as i sit here trying so hard to think of all the things i want or need to write about i'm completely at a loss.

so instead, here are some updates:
*i started school again.
*i got a job. ah! i work at best buy part time aaand it's the best. for the first time ever i work with a bunch of people my age that i could actually see myself being friends with. it's nice.
*my sleep schedule is still closer to that of a vampire than an actual human being.
*i'm falling more and more in love with my major and am therefore almost ready (mentally) to graduate and start a real person job.
*oh, and i'm still dating that one kid. going on 8 months. he's kind of ok, i guess.

i'm kind of just really happy.

here's a song i've recently become obsessed with.

Friday, November 30, 2012

thankvember: the last day!

Tonight is one of those nights where I spend an hour getting lost on Wikipedia's dog breed pages.  I always end up with the Vizsla's though, reading about their sweet temperament and their "velcro" like tendencies and thinking of my own sweet Sadie.

Guys. I miss her. Reading about how vizsla's get so attached to their owners that they will have a tendency to lean on them, just to make sure they're always touching does this weird thing to me and I start smiling. Sadie does that and I love it.

Anyway, this is the last day of Thankvember and I've already been thankful for my little puppy on this list. so. Today I am thankful for my mother. After what was supposed to be a quick phone call to her to find out how to make sweet potatoes with marshmallows for only one person, I was reminded that in my haste to finish my list last night I completely forgot to include her. So here you are Mom, I am thankful for you.

But in all seriousness, she's pretty great. She has a gift for calling me when I can't talk and I have a tendency to call her only when I have a quick question and yet she still hangs in there. She's kind of a trooper and kind of the best.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

thankvember: days 13-29, catching up.

So I promised a friend that I'd continue this whole thankvember thing, and I figured that since there's one day left of November, I should probably do that tonight.

lets start from where I left off, shall we?
(this is where I had to pause and open a new tab to see exactly where I left off because it has been so long I don't even remember.)

day 13: I'm thankful for opportunity. I've had my fair share of opportunity so far in my life, and although I haven't seized all of it, I'm extremely grateful for the times that I have.

day 14: I'm grateful that it hasn't snowed and stayed yet. As much as I enjoy the world covered in white, I do not appreciate having to wear wet appropriate shoes and jackets. Also, I broke my umbrella in Austria, so the longer I can go without my laziness in not buying a new one bitting me in the butt, the better.

day 15: I'm thankful for chapstick, mostly because I need some really bad right now. I'm also thankful for lotion and conditioner and all those other amenities that are the icing on the cake. Not necessary but definitely worth having.

day 16: I am grateful for technology. I got a new phone on this day aaand it basically made me realize just how out of date my current "smart" phone was. Yay for being a new iPhone owner!

day 17: I am grateful for my health, which isn't really saying much coming from the girl who should take three pills every day. I got to visit Ben's Nephew (totally just forgot how to spell nephew... that was intense) at Primary Children's Hospital, where he has spend every day since birth and it just has me thinking how lucky I am, even in my not perfect state of health.

day 18: I am grateful for Ben, for the 18th is his Birthday! So, thank you Ben, for not only being a great example to me, or for being a great friend or boyfriend, but for making me want to be a better person in pretty much every aspect of my life. (aw, tender... i know)

day 19: I am thankful for quality people. We had a dry run for Black Friday at work and nearly everyone I work with is a quality person. And that's really refreshing to be able to say.

day 20: I am thankful for my family. Me, Katrina, and Black Aubs drove home to St.George this day and it was just really good being home and surrounded by people who aren't afraid to invade my personal bubble and laugh until we get yelled at because "it's 1 AM and people are trying to sleep!"

day 21: I am thankful for my dog, Sadie. When I got home I made sure to go outside and give her a quality hello and she was so excited she legit could not hold still. Having someone love you that intensely, that unconditionally is something I think everyone needs in their life.

day 22: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am thankful for tradition. I love holidays and the family traditions they bring with them. and food. I'm grateful for the food that tradition brings as well.

day 23: I am thankful for sleep. I worked 11 hours straight, from midnight to 11 AM on Black Friday and let me tell you, I am grateful for normal working hours and a mediocre bed to sleep on at night. (oops, I think I was already grateful for my mediocre bed...)

day 24:  I am thankful for the Houskeeper sisters. I feel like I have and will talk anyone's ear off if they get me started on the topic of just how awesome the girls I live with are. K-train is probably one of the most solid people I know, she's beyond dependable, selfless, and extremely motivated. I frequently wish I had half her drive because I know that would guarantee me success in life. Aubrey is probably the worlds best kept secret. I frequently vocalize just how lucky I am to be one of the twenty people she's willing to talk to because that girl says some of the funniest most honest things I've ever heard. These two have saved me countless times and I seriously owe them so much.

day 25: I am thankful for Rakel. I got to Skype with her for a few hours and it was exactly like these 4 1/2 months hadn't passed, like I was still there in Austria. I'm so grateful for lasting friendships and people who genuinely care about me. I consider myself lucky for having met someone I so thoroughly connect with, so effortlessly on so many levels. (she's the only who inspired/told me to continue this list, so everyone can thank [or blame] Rakel)

day 26: I'm thankful for cherry chocolate kisses. They're seasonal and a little hard to find and oh, so good. I bought a bag aaaand it barely lasted two days.

day 27: I am thankful the semester is almost over. Today was my second to last 7:30 AM class of the semester and hopefully ever. As much as I have enjoyed this semester and I really do feel like I've grown, I can't wait to never have to get up that early for a class again. (even though being constantly sleep deprived every Tuesday has lead to some very interesting and entertaining Tuesday nights.)

day 28: I'm thankful for unexpected school friends. I swear everyone in all my classes are way more friendly than I ever thought art majors would be (which I guess doesn't really say much for me as a person)

day 29: I'm thankful for Facetime! I finally got to try it out when me and Jesse Facetimed so he could show me that he was learning one of my favorite songs ever on the guitar. So. Good.

That started getting cheesy at the end there, which is definitely a sign I need to stop before I end up going full blown cheese and saying I love you guys or something.

Thank you, Rakel for forcing me to finish this. This is exactly what I needed tonight.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

music and pictures: thankvember day 12

i'm kind of having one of those stressed out to the max days where all i want to do is listen to one song on repeat at full volume while looking at photos of places i've never been and will probably never go.

so in spirit of that, i am thankful for music that allows me to instantly feel so much so intensely, so instantly. and i'm thankful for photographs which allow me to see things and people i would never otherwise get to experience.

here's one of those places:

here's one of those songs: