Saturday, September 27, 2008

i fell asleep writing this last night.

i'm faling asleep
i think i wanted it this way
all the toys are used and out
but none will let me play.
my dry eyes beg for wetter days
where one could solely walk away.
he steps, like notes, to my favourite songs
and he wandered until he found my ways.

if only this was real, he said
by cuping my chin in his hand
you'd make a good woman and me a man,
we'd perfectly fit their unthought out plan,
please don't bother tring to understand
just play the part with me for a while.

taking off our shoes we walked for miles
the moon cast shadows protected our feet.
the desert painted mirages with it's blistering heat
causing us to never even question the scene.

and when we arrive, thirsty and panting
who will be there to give us breath?
no one. we will wander further until all that finds us is a dirty, solemn, premature death.