Thursday, November 17, 2011

productivity in it's rarest form.

(before i even start writing let me just tell you i am about to get convoluted very fast. lets begin)
so most of you may know i'm a very visual person. i'm also a very disorganized person and i'm pretty sure the saying "out of sight out of mind" was written just for me. because of these things i am the master of making lists. however, just because i make lists doesn't mean i accomplish what's on those lists.
 in my space exploration class on tuesday i started to get bored, as one does in that class... every week, and so i started writing a to-do list for the next two days. the story i'm about to tell you about that list is truly a modern day miracle. i completed over half of my list. lets start from the top:
  • i actually went to class this morning. i'm pretty sure it's self explanatory as to why that's a major accomplishment.
  • upon coming home from that class i went and got my licence renewed (don't worry it's not like it'd been expired since my birthday or anything.... yeah)
  • had a meeting with a "writing fellow" to discuss my art history paper. 
  • i went to my 3D design class
  • got my hair cut (as seen in the picture to the right) oh and my hair is also now bright red, as of last night. you can't really tell in this picture though. 
  • deposited 3 checks i'd been carrying around with me since summer
  • went to work where i somehow managed to get a free hot dog and slice of pizza AND i had a mother ask to be scheduled to come in to get pictures taken only at a time that i would be working. *beams with pride* best day at work ever. 
  • upon coming home from work i ran over to holly's apartment where we pooled our resources to get cache valley's best stat-ititions to help her with her extra credit homework. alright, so that might have been an exaggeration but i did help her find two guys who actually knew a thing or two about stats. so  i consider it an accomplishment.
  • i then spent the remainder of the night in the company of good friends.
now that it's nearly 2 AM, i'm thinking of the day i have ahead of me tomorrow, which is going to be go, go, go all day; starting with a conference call and 9:30 shift at work and ending at 6 with art history, a class i'm still trying to convince myself i don't hate. 

for the first time all semester i'm completely exhausted, and it's not even 4. day= success.

P.S.! wanna see something i'm super excited for?


Friday, November 11, 2011

oscar wilde: the bravest addition.

so, here are some things (i feel like every post is starting that way, but it doesn't bug me enough to change it.)

i believe most of you know of the most recent addition to my little apartment:

his name is oscar wilde, and i love him. i'm not even kidding, ask katrina. i show him to anyone brave enough to enter our apartment, i basically greet him every time i enter my room, and i randomly talk about him. a lot. the other day i put him in front of the mirror because i wanted to see how he would react, thinking there was another beta around. let me tell you, oscar is a feisty one. i had to remove the mirror because i was afraid he was going to kill himself by ramming his head into the side of the bowl repeatedly. yesterday, i accidentally poured too much fish food into his tank so i went and got a spoon to scoop it out with. instead of cowering away from the foreign object, as a lesser fish would do, he came right up to it and tried to intimidate it. i couldn't have purchased a more fitting fish if i'd tried. i feel like such a proud mother.

as part of being an art major a graphic design major i get to go to a seminar once a week where successful artists in the community come and speak to us, i would imagine so that we all don't grow too hopeless in ever using our degree to actually make money. tonight we got to hear from a rather famous and pretty well off photographer, patrick cone. pat started off by showing us some of his most famous work, and then telling us how much money he's made (one picture has made him almost over $20,000). he then proceeded to tell us that a freelance photographer being hired by magazines or companies should NEVER pay for hotels, flights, food or equipment upgrades. guys. we have a serious problem here. everything he was saying had the little wanna-be-artist inside of me screaming that this is what she wants to do. for some reason i had it stuck in my head that the only photography i could ever make money from would be portraits (which we all know isn't my forte) but this guy, he makes money from his street photography. he gets flown to places like new york, portugal, and new zeland to take pictures of amazing sites i can only dream of. and it's all paid for. i don't think i've ever been so excited to listen to one middle aged man for an hour in my life. even though i completely realize that thinking i'll ever get to that same professional status as him is a total stretch, i at least have a little more fire under me to go out and practice what i love. he said something tonight that really stuck with me. "do you have to do art?" he paused as we all thought about it, some of us slightly shaking our heads no. "i don't know about you guys but i totally do. i'm compelled to. it's all i know how to do, and when i see something i love, i HAVE to document it." that's the point i want to get to in my life, feeling compelled to take my camera everywhere just in case i see that one perfect shot that i know i'll regret passing up. i already have those moments where i wish i could have documented something, but i can't wait for the day where my love of documenting overrides my self doubt. wow, that paragraph grew really fast and got kinda heavy towards the end there. apologies. lets move on to lighter/girlier things.

for the past few months i've really, really wanted to dye my hair some outrageous colour. something like this:
the way i see it, i'm nearing the place in my life where obnoxious colored hair soon won't be acceptable anymore, or i guess even less acceptable than it is now. while dying my hair auburn was fun a few months ago, i'm ready to go even more bold. i think blue or purple tips would be amazing. i really need a hair school friend who lives  nearby to help me safely accomplish these things.

speaking of photography: lately i've been compelled to take pictures of my feet wherever i'm standing/sitting/currently being. i kinda want to start some sort of project with that but i don't know where i would post the pictures. they're just simple ones taken with my phone but the few that i've taken have kind of made me really happy, and i want to continue this. thoughts?

i painted my nails tonight:
the amount of times i paint my nails in any given week is directly proportional to how bored i am vs. how lazy i am. all in all i'm pretty proud of how they turned out.

so, every so often i go through these stages where i spend a few hours late at night on compiling lists and lists of books to purchase that i've wanted to read for ever. stuff ranging from old classics, to stuff popular today to books i remember reading and absolutely loving as a kid. i easily fill up my shopping cart with 20 or more books and then i check out the total. and then close the entire window because that's too much money and i already have 12 books here that i need to read before i purchase anything else. and then there's two hours of my life that i've wasted with nothing to show for it. i'm unsure why i do this. and yes, tonight was one of those nights.
( book shopping cart update thing: i actually went ahead and purchased those books. 6 books for $14 bucks baby. lets hope i don't regret this in the morning.)

well, now that it's 3 AM i think i'm allowed to go to bed now.
wanna hear what i was listening to while writing this? ok.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

ten stupid, but actual reasons why i'm still awake:

1-i have to work in six and a half hours and for some reason that makes me mad and refuse to want to sleep.
2-it's snowing outside. furious.
3-my lips are chapped and my chapstick is across the room.
4-i'm still a little too excited about now having a best friend, oscar.
5-my night didn't go quite as planned, so in semi protest i'm refusing to go to sleep.
6-i'm listening to this song on repeat

and it is so good.
7-i'm finally downloading a movie i've wanted to see FOREVER and i don't want to turn off my computer until it's finished (even though it's only at 11%)
8-it's day four of november and i haven't written anything. and that makes me mad at myself.
9-i'm fighting the compulsion to start reading a book i've owned for over a year now that i haven't even started yet.
10- if i wait another ten minutes my ice cubes will be ready.

i just really, really do not want to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a list of thoughts: halloween version.

guys. it's only 1 am and i'm already exhausted and completely ready for bed. i feel like this is some kind of bad sign, however because i've had a collective 8 hours of sleep over the past two days, and i work at 9 in the morning i'm not going to fight it this time. well, after i write this and then watch an episode of community on hulu, then i'll stop fighting it.

so, from the moment i got up this morning i've been thinking of things to tell you guys. i haven't really told you anything in a while so the fact that i have multiple things to tell you really caught me off guard. i'm hoping that's just my brain getting me ready/excited for nanowrimo and to write 1,667 words a day, however i'm pretty sure that's purely wishful thinking. which is unfortunate.

lets start from the top:

  • i woke up this morning in the most disoriented state i've ever been in my entire life. i spent over ten seconds in three separate mind sets. first: i thought it was saturday, but i couldn't figure out why my alarm was going off. then i was sure it was sunday and that i was late for work. but once i looked at my phone, which said 8:10, that scenario didn't work because we don't open until noon. i knew i had somewhere super important to be but i couldn't figure it out. after some very intense trudging through my cloudy muddled mind i realized it was monday and that i had a project due in my 2D design class in twenty minutes. after some miracle preforming i ended up only being five minutes late to class. still unsure as to how i pulled that one off.
  • when people saw me this morning i'm sure they thought i just didn't wake up in time to get ready. but nope: it was actually my halloween costume. or at least that's what my foggy/brilliant state of mind decided to tell EVERYONE I RAN INTO ON THE BUS. which just so happens to be literally everyone i'm friends with up here. but i digress. because i woke up late i didn't have time to... well to virtually do anything. so i quickly threw on some clothes and a couple jackets, grabbed a granola bar and ran for the bus. this means i didn't have time to put on my socially acceptable face which also means i was sporting yesterday's hair. i truly was a vision. 
  • after all that fun tired/hobo nonsense i had the privilege of going to the local dollar plus here. in my 3D design class we're creating light fixtures solely out of material purchased at the dollar store. now, anyone who knows me knows i HATE dollar stores. there's just something inherently repulsive about them to me. but today i must have been in a more receptive state of mind because i found myself in awe of the store's low prices instead of put off by them. that is, until i was waiting in the check out line with my china-made finds and i spotted a pregnancy test right next to the packs of sure-to-be-stale wriggly gum. my first reaction was to laugh. why anyone would put any faith in a pregnancy test purchased at a dollar store is completely beyond me. my second reaction was to text trina, whom them responded accurately with a "hahahhah"
  • as a valued employee of kiddie kandid's i get to work in logan's sad excuse of a mall. today they sponsored trick or treating for over 3,000 little kids to come dressed up and get free candy. what baffled me wasn't how many parents were dressed up, but how many were scantily clad. which was an alarming amount. i guess some people never quite grow out of some phases.
  • in the theme of halloween i watched a scary movie tonight. at first i was so sure i was going to regret it because i've always been a child with an overactive imagination. however, that scary movie pulled a fast one and i ended up full of regret for a whole different slew of reasons. that movie was the biggest waste of time ever. if i was to star in a movie as a creepy psycho person who gets her jollies off by terrifying strangers, i wouldn't spend 90% of my time standing silently behind said strangers so only the audience can see me and then completely disappearing so the main characters hardly ever see me. it's not scary. it's not surprising. it's not effective. /rant

lets end on a good note: i got a 95% on my art history paper. it's too bad that doesn't count for 75% of my grade instead of 25% because i have a feeling the midterm i took last week isn't going to be anywhere near that high.

well i just realized i've been sitting with my head tilted back against the wall for five minutes, in a state which started out as thinking and almost ended in kinked-neck sleeping, so i think i'm going to bed now.