Wednesday, February 13, 2013

falling off the internet. (an almost update)

remember when i used to (pretend) to write in here at least semi regularly?
yeah, me neither. i have actually attempted to update this twice since january, one of which was an extensive list of resolutions i wanted to make for this year, but lets be honest, just attempting to go to bed before 2 AM is enough of a challenge for me. maybe someday i'll go back to those drafts and share them with you.

(actually, i just went back and looked at the other one and this is all it said:

"i suppose it's a good thing i no longer feel the need to write in here anymore. almost as though all of my troubling thoughts that once demanded to be felt have all been given the proper attention and now live retired and happy at a-once-angry-feelings-home.
sometimes it's kinda nice growing up."

seems as though this isn't the first time i've tried to explain my absence to you guys. and that makes me smile.)

lately i feel as though i've fallen off the face of the internet (as far as posting on social media goes) and it's got me thinking why that is. it's kinda funny how once you become content with life, you start realizing what you were mistakenly using to fill in those wanting gaps. (seriously though, the internet has become half the part of my life that it used to be. and for those of you who know me, that's huge.) even as i sit here trying so hard to think of all the things i want or need to write about i'm completely at a loss.

so instead, here are some updates:
*i started school again.
*i got a job. ah! i work at best buy part time aaand it's the best. for the first time ever i work with a bunch of people my age that i could actually see myself being friends with. it's nice.
*my sleep schedule is still closer to that of a vampire than an actual human being.
*i'm falling more and more in love with my major and am therefore almost ready (mentally) to graduate and start a real person job.
*oh, and i'm still dating that one kid. going on 8 months. he's kind of ok, i guess.

i'm kind of just really happy.

here's a song i've recently become obsessed with.