Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lets play catch up: a week too late.

i've been collecting things to write down and tell you guys for over a week now, but i've just play playing too hard (bet you never thought i'd say that) to get myself to sit down and sort it all out into nice coherent sentences. and now it's gotten to the point where i have so much i want to share that i'm overwhelmed slash i waited too long on some things so their relevance is nearing zero, and if i bring them up now it's going to be slightly weird. but lets do it anyway:

last friday i was sporting my hot new red pants like the fashionably challenged child that i am. this was also the day i went to a free hypnotist show that my apartment complex was putting on. at one point in the show the hypnotist told the stage full of volunteers to find someone in the crowd wearing red and that the color red would smell better than anything they'd ever smelt before. i was in the second row, in the very center. within two seconds of him saying "go" i had four people groping my legs and pulling on my pants, smelling who knows what. most awkward two minutes of my life. after the show one of the guys, who had apparently found the smell equivalent of heaven on the pants of my left knee, came up and apologized to me. do you want to see a very small glimpse of me being publicly molested? click on this. it's at about 37:14 that i appear and you see the group of children hoovering around my pants. so awkward.

last saturday i survived a haunted corn maze. yes, masked, groaning, hobbling men chasing us and all. truly terrifying. i'm mostly just proud of myself for actually agreeing to go. i still hate being scared but at least i tried. we also carved pumpkins. i decided the most terrifying thing i could carve on it was the face of raggedy ann. wanna see?

wednesday i forced a few of the guys who live in my building to go play coed volleyball with me at the church. i had a bet going on with a guy on the other team that we would win. after completely losing in our first game, we actually won the second and gave up the third. i must say, i was pretty proud of my rag-tag team of goonies after that. i was honestly just happy to finally play.

at work the other day i was trusted enough to take pictures of a newborn without anyone there supervising me. now i feel like i'm nowhere near fully trained so i was basically terrified. after my manager came back from her lunch break she praised me for not having to call her once (apparently when she left the other girl who's training as well, the girl had to call her five times in one hour. ouch.). so proud.

well, i've now caught you up to the middle of last week. i'm too tired to continue. maybe if you get lucky i'll post another one tomorrow. maybe.

Friday, October 14, 2011

the procrastination station

some things that i thought of that aren't important. ready?

one of the things i admire most about myself is my ability to lose track of time like it's my job, which unfortunately it isn't. oh, that's not a good thing? i sat down on this couch at 10:30. it's now 2:00. how? yeah i have no idea.

i'm currently sick. it's been a weird sickness though. like i can feel that something is wrong with my head, my nose is stuffy and my throat seems to be angry, but at the same time it's not really bothering me. it's like i'm detached from the discomfort that comes with being sick. i don't know if this is making sense, to be honest it doesn't make sense to me either.

i think i might have to rename this blog the procrastination station because that seems to be the only time i write in it. because as far as i'm concerned productivity is completely a figment of my imagination.

i wonder if there's ever been anyone who's listened to katy perry's song firework and thought to themselves, "you know, i have felt like a plastic bag!" yeah. no.

i just finished my hoemwork that i'd been procrastinating. it took me four hours to finally do, and all of thirty minutes to complete. wow.

i purchased some obscenely red pants today, which weirdly enough was something i'd been looking into purchasing for a while now. and i can't wait to wear them in public. now i just have to find something to actually wear with them.

seriously guys, i'm so excited. 

*edit. i took a picture of the pants for you. you're welcome :)

sorry that was the best picture i could get under the circumstances. i think the smudges on the mirror really add to the outfit. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

some small things before bed.

some things:

*so, i'm slowly realizing i really miss playing volleyball. tonight at FHE a few of us stragglers decided to play a game and it just felt good. i haven't played a real game since my senior year of high school, at least 3 years ago. that is way too long. i'm making it my goal to scrape together a bunch of people who want to play with me a few times a month. yep, i just decided that.

*next month is national write a novel month, also known as nanowrimo. the goal of nanowrimos is to write a 50,000 word novel in only 30 days; which equals out to 1,667 words a day. one of my goals in life is to write a novel so every november has haunted me ever since i learned about nanowrimo. i attempted last year, but only got to like 5,000 words before i got overwhelmed with life and stopped. i really want to try again this year. i still have a few weeks to really pull my ideas together. i'm just afraid i won't be able to finish it, kinda like how my project 365 is currently tanking (i hang my head in shame). i highly doubt anyone would want me to post each day's writings on here, and even if they did i don't think i'd feel comfortable with that. any ideas on how to motivate myself? shanks.

*speaking of incomplete projects, i've noticed a pattern. each fall the amount of pictures i take drops to nearly zero. i can't believe how incredibly uninspired i become when the trees are no longer green and the sunsets are no longer rich and orange and late. actually, now that i say it like that it makes total sense. i guess i really am a summer girl.

*now that the sunshine has left for good, i am always cold. so today after doing my laundry (which i did for the first time in.... well... over a month. honestly, i have SO many clothes) i poured all my clean, hot clothes on my bed and just laid on them. it felt oh so good. i really need to invest in a space heater or something.

*my new favorite thing is helping people at kiddie kandids who i had previously sold glasses to at standard optical. i'm lying. it's awkward. although i'm pretty sure it's only awkward for me (because there's no way they remember me like i remember them) but that's all that matters, right? right.

oh! i just found out that my finalized art history paper actually isn't due until tomorrow. procrastinating is no longer needed, therefore i no longer need to write in here. so, i'm headed to bed. night.

alright one more thing (for some reason i don't like posting without some sort of visual.) i found this and decided it was written for me.

yes galileo, yes. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

bad fashion trends vs. the golden spiral: which dictates beauty?

so it's 3:30 in the morning and i've been basically exhausted all day, but for some reason my brain is now wide awake and my legs are restless. while i'm in no position to act on having restless legs, i can do something about my brain running one hundred miles an hour. and so i'm writing.

about five minutes ago i was brushing my teeth, which is the one place i receive all my best ideas surprisingly, and i started thinking about strange hypothetical situations. and i ended up resting on this one:  say we as a human race somehow had the ability to change our appearance instantaneously and painlessly (we'll say only once a year to make it a little more simple. i've thought about this impossible situation before and the second i started entertaining the idea, i concluded that everyone would end up looking the exact same. don't people constantly try and get the same look as their favorite celebrities, bringing in pictures of jennifer aniston's hair cut or nicole kidman's nose? while beauty is mostly seen as a social construct, it has also been proven to have scientific facts backing it up. may i introduce most of you to the golden spiral

i remember learning about this concept in my math class in 9th grade and then again in my math 1050 class. in art history on friday we went over the ancient greek's architecture and how beautiful it was because it so closely resembled the human body as dictated by the golden spiral, which was discovered by non other than the great mathematician Pythagoras (remember him? no? does a^2 + b^2= c^2 ring any bells? pythagorian theorem? yep, that same guy.)

wow, i am getting way off topic. basically people are seen as beautiful as dictated by measurements found in the spiral. these same measurements are found all over in nature, furthering the idea that this spiral is perfect and innate and the gateway to all beauty (there is a lot more to this theory. if you want to learn more i suggest wikipediaing it). so, based on that knowledge that we find certain measurements as dictated math as perfect and beautiful, i then assumed that if people were given the chance most would all end up making all of their features similar, all the girls would model themselves after jessica alba and all the guys would look like joseph gordon leavitt (or maybe that's just my own personal wishful thinking).

but then i started thinking about other things that have become popular in recent history that were no where near a good idea. such as: jeggings (thank you conan. yes girls, this is how ridiculous you look when you wear tights as pants.),

 girl's parting their hair down the middle (now there are certain faces that can pull this off and i tried to find a celebrity committing this travesty but most celebrity stylists have enough good taste and common sense not to let those who shouldn't, implement this look. i could think of a few from my every day life but then i realized that might be a bit harsh, so i didn't), saggy pants on guys (i don't feel this needs a picture), then tight pants on guys(as seen by conan in the picture above),

and pedo glasses with matching stach (to find the picture of this that i was looking for all i had to do was type in hipster glasses and mustache. that is a bad sign, hipsters).  after thinking that through i remembered in the hunger games the people of the capitol dyed their skin strange sickly colors just to make themselves different to stand out.

all these things helped me realize that ugly things are mistaken for beautiful all the time (best example i can think of off the top of my head: rhianna's hair/outfit in the SNL sketch shy ronnie honestly? gross.)

so, bottom line: i can't decide if people would all end up looking the same or if the "popular" look would become completely outlandish or even animalistic, all in the name of individuality and high fashion.

need i say more?

if, by some miracle, you made it through all of that i want to know what your thoughts are on this subject matter. do you think people would all end up looking the exact same or completely, outlandishly different?

*edit: i get a nightly quote of the day from my favorite book site last night they sent me a quote that fits in perfectly with all of this:

I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

A complaintive tale of two classes.

So I was sitting in my 2D design class the other day and I started getting really irritated (probably because my teacher decided to go through all the colors of the rainbow in the form of a convoluted, twenty minute powerpoint to tell us how those colors affect the human brain (I swear he just copied it from a Wikipedia article though).  Here's one of his informational jewels: did you know purple is seen as the most erotic color to both women and men? No? Yeah judging from the chatter that, that little tidbit incited from the class, neither did anyone else. When he said that we all just kind of looked around like... no, that doesn't really apply to me. Gross.) so in that frame of mind, I decided now is a good time to start writing a gratitude entry.
Let’s begin: I'm weirdly grateful for good friends and the sky. a week or so ago I convinced a few unsuspecting people, who have the misfortune of living around me, that the northern lights would be visible up in the mountains here in Logan (granted I did have a little bit of internet research to back me up). We didn't see any northern lights but the stars were amazing. At one point we saw a shooting star that was so bright that the two people who were still in the cab of the truck thought we were taking pictures with a camera. Yes, that bright. I guess for all it's faults, Logan sure does have a gorgeous night sky. That is, when it isn't covered in angry grey clouds that spend their days dumping precipitation of all horrible sorts on us all. And there I go complaining again. Vicious cycle. 
Alright: wanna hear a fun story? Ok. So I'm in an art history class, and the class itself isn't too bad. My professor makes sure to take the time to not only explain to us what the artwork is about, but also the whole story behind the culture of the time. Which is awesome because I love learning about Greek mythology. Wanna hear a reason that class isn't awesome? My professor is the most intimidating and high strung, 5'3 person I've ever met. Our classroom is an amphitheater of sorts, there are three sections of seating with rows in between them which sit on a gradual decline that leads to the front of the classroom where one would normally choose to reside when lecturing. But not her. No, when she's lecturing she walks around the room, up and down those two isles staring down whomever is brave enough to look her back in the eye. Now, normally I'm really, really bad with eye contact but for some reason the very first day in that class I decided I wasn't going to be the one who looked away from these impromptu staring contests. And I've actually been pretty good at holding to that. *pats self on back* Anyway, she's super high strung. This week our lectures have all been filed under "classical antiquities" which apparently means we're learning about the Greeks and their strange obsession with depicting naked bodies in marble. So I'm in class and there's a glaring collage of large marble statues baring... everything coming from the overhead projector which takes up the entire wall. My professor was on the other side of the room, staring down this hippie kid who is always late to class but he seems to know all the answers, which doesn't appear to sit well with my professor. At about this time the room was becoming a nice toasty temperature (the heater was on because it was unbelievably cold outside. I could see my breath at 5 in the afternoon. Not ok.) and I was doing my best to fight off sleep, so i decided to lean back in my chair. The chairs in this room have this handy bendy mechanism on it's back making stretching 110% more effective than normal hard boring chairs. Mid perfect stretch something falls out from under me and I hear a nice, loud snapping noise. My chair broke. Not only did I jerk back a little bit from the break-away but my entire row, of two ultra artsy girls and my cousin Ashley, shook as well. The two girls sitting a few seats down from me gasped and started talking slash giggling which so perfectly interrupted my high strung professor. She looked in our direction, stopped lecturing about the naked man on the projector and asked what our problem was. The girls next to me told her my chair broke at the same time that I, in my ever smooth state, decided the best way to down play the situation was to wave her question off and to tell her to keep on teaching and not worry about this. 
If I thought the room was toasty before my little charade, boy was I wrong. The weirdest part of it all is, I wasn't really that embarrassed by it.
Want to know something that I am a little embarrassed by? I'm slowly becoming a Maroon 5 fan. I never thought I'd say that. This is the third song by them I have gone out of my way to download within the past month. Ugh. but here it is. And unfortunately, it's good.  
Also, I tried really hard to use correct grammar in this post. Are you proud of me, Poppyseed?