Saturday, July 19, 2008

chocolate and child prodegies

it's almost basically one o'clock and i couldn't get more bored. soo, i'm going to tell you a bed time story.

once upon a time there was a girl named maria. she woke up an hour late causing her to be an hour and a half late to work. after working for half the time she was supposed to, she came home only to sit on her butt alllll fuhreaking day long. after working up her courage to finally work out for a mere 20 minutes. following that she returned to her sitting, except this time she was responsible for another person: her little sister. this so called "babysitting" started at 7. it is now one and her current predicament contains a spoonful of peanut butter, beyond dry contacts, and oprah on the tv telling of child prodigies. nothing makes me feel more productive or useful to my world, country, and family knowing that out there, there's some four year old child composing the next beethoven's 5th symphony. to top it all off, i really really really really really want a brownie. these kids are inventing the cure for cancer at the age of 12 and me, being almost 19, i can barely curb my own addictions to fattening foods.

alright so that wasn't really a bed time story. more like day recap ending in a pile of pitty me and my sad existance spiel. apologies.

Monday, July 14, 2008

beer flavoured crayons.

so i'm very tempted to do a play by play of my yesterday buuut seeing as how the world wide web really could care less what time i ate dinner or how many cups of ice cream i downed in one minute, i'll stick to the "interesting" stuff.

before i can tell the real story here, i'm going to have to do a tad bit of recapping: two days ago trevor, my boyfriend, his sister asked him if he would teach her primary class. being the gentleman that he is, he really counldn't say no. so he agreed to try and teach the throng of four year olds about the LDS temples. knowing how much he reaaaally didn't want to do this, i agreed to help him. so after i went to my church and ate my ritual sunday dinner of some type of over dry roast and not so mashed potatoes i headed over to his rescue.

there were only three of them. wait, four. one girl and three boys. one of the boys thought it necessary to make noise and move around alot, his name was jesse. the other two boys had to be the youngest in their families. the one never said anything. he just smiled. he had the cutest dimpled smile ever too, with huge bright blue eyes. his head was kinda big though... haha. the other boy always had a very very contimplative look on his face. like he knew what we had to say would actually mean something someday but he wanted to know the meaning now. strangely enough, that kid had a mohawk. i never learned his name. the most interesting thing about that kid though, was his work. we gave them paper and crayons to colour but mohawk kid used a pen to carefully colour in the heart in the middle of his paper. and when we invited everyone to draw hands on the backs of their papers, mohawk kid drew a good dozen very precise outlines of his hand all over the back of his paper.
i didn't know four year olds could pay that much attention or hold that much concentration over an hour. and when we let them draw on the chalk board he quitely chose the very edge of the board and instead of scribbling like the others he carefully drew a door with a handle and all. when i asked him what the door led to, he gave me quite the description of this door that belonged on his house. honestly, i was stunned. that kid amazed me.
now, for the very typical four year old of the day; jesse, the loud kid who moved alot. we let each of the kids pick two crayons to start out with while colouring their pictures. jesse chose green and brown. he picks up his brown craying, basically sticks it up his noise and announces that it smells like beer. first: what four year old child is so familiar with beer that he associates it with crayons!? second: what four year old child even knows what it smells like?! me and trevor just kind of looked at each other, awkwardly and told the kid that beer is bad for you and that it doesn't smell like beer because he doesn't even know what beer smells like. the kid, jesse i should call him, starts off on this tale about how he does too know about beer because his daddy drinks it aaalllll tttthhhuuuhhh tiiimmmeeeee. mean while, the three other beyond naive children are quite literally drinking all this in. i can just imagine them going home and explaining to their mommys' over dinner that they learned about beer in church today. lovely.
oh this jesse kid also thought it a good idea to climb under the little table and try to look under my dress.
yeah, never again...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

i guess i'm starting?

so i guess myspace's blog feature just isn't cutting it for me anymore so i'm going to try and play with this a while, see where i get.

thank you to becky for pointing me in this direction, hopefully i stay here.

i wasn't really planning on blogging right away... i could have thought this through better..
maybe later.